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Attar wala

Nayaab International QISSA Attar 25 ml (Pack of 1) Floral Attar (Floral)

Nayaab International QISSA Attar 25 ml (Pack of 1) Floral Attar (Floral)

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  • Capacity: 25 ml
  • Fragrace: Floral
  • Type: Floral Attar
  • Alcohol Free

Qissa attar from nayaab

Name: Qissa attar from nayaab

Product Name: Qissa attar from nayaab

Flavour: Charcoal

Net Quantity (N): 1

Some common synonyms of fragrance are perfume, redolence, and scent. While all these words mean “a sweet or pleasant odor,“ fragrance suggests the odors of flowers or other growing things.geTheneric name of this aromatic oil is “ Iotaisy“, anagram for “ ashes“. It originates from the Latin name . What is difference between perfume and fragrance? What are fragrances and perfumes? A fragrance is defined as a combination of organic compounds that produces a distinct smell or odour. A perfume is a liquid mixture used to emit a pleasant odour. It is formed from fragrant essential oils derived from plants and spices or synthetic aromatic compounds. brand nayaab Scent Qissa Item Form Liquid Item Weight 30 g Item Volume 25 ml


Country of Origin: India

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