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Attar wala

Arochem Zidaan 9 ml Attar Herbal Attar (Blends (Mukhallat))

Arochem Zidaan 9 ml Attar Herbal Attar (Blends (Mukhallat))

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  • Capacity: 9 ml
  • Fragrance: Blends (Mukhallat)
  • Type: Herbal Attar
  • Perfume Content: 99%
  • Alcohol Free

Model Name: Arochem Attar Zidaan Roll-On Pure Arabian Attar Perfume Oil 9ml

Bottle Design: Arebian

Suitable For: Wedding, Functions, Casual

Lasts For: 48 hr

Other Features: 100% pure non-alcoholic attar This attar will also be a wonderful gifting option for your loved ones. The enticing fragrance of this attar is highly long lasting which is a vital feature to keep you on the go Made using ingredients, this attar is absolutely safe for your skin; these attars ensure a long- lasting and rejuvenating fragrance

Capacity: 9 ml

Fragrance: Blends Mukhallat 

Type: Floral Attar

Nature has provided us with abundant sources of wonderful fragrances which can invoke deep feelings of joy, excitement or serenity within us. Each of us is stirred by a variety of fragrances, may it be the fresh green note of the forest after a shower, the early morning scent of the earth or the ever present odors of the beautiful flowers. White Oudh is the first woody in the Clean line. Designed to capture the calm, peaceful feeling of encountering a wooded clearing, the fragrance weaves a cozy blanket of citrus, sweetness, woody notes and a dash of pepper

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