Who Are We? About us attarwala .in

Labbaik Attarwala was established more than 10 years ago in Jamnagar (GUJRAT) in pursuit & dream of introducing pure form of attars & other products across India & Globe. The art of perfumery is to make each product a masterpiece & Labbaik Attarwala is gaining its popularity & brand for exquisite & outstanding craftsmanship and best quality in attars, fragrances & other products. Developed and produced with finest & best ingredients/raw materials procured within India, helping the economy & roots of nation. Every product is a result of experience, knowledge and expertise with strict quality control throughout. Our company is leading brand for exclusive attars & fragrances.

About Our Products

We are currently involved in 5 major categories of products

1)Attar & Fragrance

2)Flower Water

3) Branded items of attar

4) Islamic caps

5) Amama shareef

Attar & Fragrance In Attar & Fragrance category we dseal in 3 modes

a) We got are own brand owned by Labbaik Attarwala through which we manufacture the exclusive & premium range of attars for all your needs.

We provide products that allow you to find the perfect scent, make sure it smells natural and not overwhelming with chemicals or perfumes.

b) Dealership with already established company/brand like Al-Nuaim, Nayaab international , Al rehab , Kelker (cobra) ,Al bashar ,Rasheeda , Attari Fragrance ,Arochem ,Al turk ETC any many other brands. This allows you not only access to our company product but other company products allowing you to have one stop for all your Attar & Fragrance need.

Flower Water ( Rose Water Gulab jal)

We make flower water at our own premises naturally. Flower waters, or as also known as floral waters are miracle-working waters that are used to soothe, calm, cool and tone all kinds of skin, especially sensitive, dry or problematic.

They are often used in skincare, aromatherapy and for internal use as well and here’s a guide of each of their uses and benefits.

Partner With Us

 Wholesale Starting Wholesale Business with Labbaik Attarwala With the Labbaik Attarwala Wholesale Program, you can purchase products with wholesale discount and sell them online or in your retail store of business.

You will receive a personalized coupon code that will give you discount code all of the items in the Wholesale category. You can purchase both Wholesale and Retail items in the same order, but you will receive a discount only for the Wholesale items.

Products purchased must be in large numbers of quantities to receive the Wholesale discount. These products must be of the same type but can be mixed and matched in scents.

 Franchise

Take the first step towards owning a franchise with Attarwala.in, you like what you see, but now want to get started.

Learn the next steps to owning your future. Find out how Labbaik Attarwala can help you grow a business and achieve success.

Franchise partner plays a crucial role in our growth and we believe that it is with their support, not only we have created a launch pad for a superior presence, we have also reached a wider customer base in the process & offer them the best products & services with trust & transparency.

We plan to go deeper into business through our partners and providing them the advantage and bringing in new ideas, operating techniques and proven methods to more new locations as each franchisee takes up the mantle.

 Retailer With the Labbaik Attarwala Retailer Program, you can purchase products with retailer discount and sell them online or in your retail store of business.

 Affiliate Labbaik Attarwala provides you a platform to maintain a long-term profitable partnership with its Affiliate Program.

Who can become an Affiliate? Any individual with an urge to earn independently can enrol. From Students to Housewives to corporates.

How Does it work? Become an affiliate -> Promote our products to people -> People Buy -> You Earn

Do simple things first, become an affiliate and earn an unlimited earning potential with Attarwala.in