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What Is The Max Fragrance For A Candle?

Fragrance is any substance or mixture of substances intended to convey a scent, mask an odor, or alter the way we perceive an object or environment. It can be natural or synthetic, and can include essential oils or botanical extracts as well as many other chemicals commonly used in scented household products such as soaps, detergents, and deodorants. Fragrance ingredients

can be very potent and, because of this, it is important that you use them sparingly in your candle making. This is especially important if you have any skin allergies such as dermatitis, which may be sensitive to even small amounts of fragrance oil exposure.

The most popular type of fragrance is called a perfume and is typically a combination of natural and synthetic components. It is usually divided into three structural parts: head, middle, and base notes.

The most volatile, short-lived components of a perfume are the top notes, which include citrus fruits and herbs. Middle notes are the heart of a perfume, combining single floral or bouquet-type components. Base notes provide a lasting impression of the fragrance and can include woods, spices, or flowers.

It is important to note that a perfume is different from an attar, which is a pure oil (usually uncut) without alcohol. Although they are very similar, they are not interchangeable because of their different properties and manufacturing processes.

The max fragrance for a specific wax is listed in the properties section of each individual wax product, as well as in our Fragrance Guide. It is a percentage of the maximum amount of fragrance oil that can be added to the wax. Using too much will clog the wick, cause wet spots in the finished candle,

and reduce the scent throw. The ideal amount of fragrance oil to use for a given wax will depend on the desired strength and scent, as well as personal preference.

While a fragrance can be made from either natural or synthetic components, it is important to note that there is some concern about the safety of synthetic scents. This is because the manufacturing process for many synthetic perfumes can involve chemicals that are known to irritate the skin and trigger an allergic contact dermatitis reaction. In addition, the use of these chemicals can also negatively impact air quality and wildlife [2].

Our fragrance bottles are labeled by weight instead of volume because different scents have different densities. Regardless of the fragrance’s density, it will contain the same amount of scent oil as another bottle that has a lower concentration. This allows us to offer a large variety of fragrances for our customers to choose from.

All of our fragrances are tested to ensure that they meet our strict chemical safety standards. We strive to provide the highest quality products possible and have a zero tolerance for any materials that can cause negative environmental or health effects. Our testing includes a battery of tests for skin sensitivity and air quality as well as a flammability test.